Purpose-built patient engagement features

Kinduct offers user-friendly practitioner workflows for configuring personalized engagement dashboards for patients. Additionally, Kinduct provides users with personalized content that includes hundreds of 3D medical animations coded (ICD9/10, CPT) for specific conditions and procedures; a FAQ Builder tool that enables customizable answers for common patient questions that are coded for individual conditions and treatments; evidence-based rehab and prehab programs for specific conditions that are supported by Kinduct’s library of over 5000 validated exercise videos; and in-platform alerts to identify patients who need precise care.

Remote monitoring at scale

Capture objective patient status with integrated wearables and other assessment devices via Kinduct’s integration partners. Monitor subjective patient status with Kinduct’s journals and surveys capabilities, which can be sent to patients’ mobile devices by email or SMS. What’s more, Kinduct uses tokenized links so patients can enter data without having to login directly to their account. Information is then consolidated into the patient’s profile for quick review, and customizable alert tools are used to identify outlying data that requires intervention by the healthcare team.

Reporting tools for practitioners & patients

Consolidated data collection linked to dynamic reporting and visualizations keeps practitioners up-to-date on patient status. Our API integrations allow for automatic data ingestion from 3rd party data sources (i.e. wearables, web services, assessment devices, etc.). Data analytics combined with triggers and alerts help identify at-risk patients by highlighting the meaningful signals in the data.

Extending cloud-based EMR/EHR/PHR

Single-Sign-On integrations can be configured to provide simplified access through a healthcare provider’s patient portal. We also help engage patients in the care-planning processes by providing them with the right data and the right tools at the right time. By doing so, patients are educated about their conditions and treatment, which promotes self-monitoring and produces better patient experiences.

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