Streamline your fitness assessments

Kinduct allows you to collect, process, and store large volumes of complex fitness data in one centralized and secure location. Conduct your annual, quarterly, and ad-hoc fitness assessments with ease by using Kinduct’s multi-member assessment form. Access to the data can be controlled through our robust permission structure, and shared with appropriate members in real time.

Understand your unit

Through our dynamic reporting and visualization tools, identify areas of strength, opportunities for improvement, and potential risks for injury. Overlay multiple data sets and uncover insights through our pre-built or customizable reports with our Report Builder Tool. Additionally, our integration with Tableau and in-house experts provide you with the ability to further visualize your data and create powerful dashboards.

Securely manage data access

Promote team collaboration and make unified decisions by sharing data insights and knowledge through secure, permission-based scoring, tracking, and communication tools. Effective team collaboration is critical for tactical organizations to make unified decisions, prioritize staff resources, and produce personalized performance plans.

Deliver training programs anywhere in the world

Kinduct enables trainers and coaches to act upon their findings through the development and delivery of customized, online human performance programming and content. Create personalized, data-driven training programs and rehab protocols to drive constant improvement and optimizing operational performance, which can then be sent to on- and offline units through our Kinduct Mobile App.

5 Reasons to Invest in an AMS

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