League wide platform architecture

Kinduct’s Athlete Management System allows you to tailor your platform’s architecture to specific organizational needs. Whether it’s an Olympic organization with various groups of sport-specific athletes, or a league that requires separate sites for each of its teams, Kinduct’s data sharing permissions can be configured to facilitate your unique requirements.

League wide injury surveillance

Kinduct offers advanced injury surveillance capabilities through our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and league-wide platform architecture. Within a league, each team is able to log injury information into their individual platform. However, through a robust and secure permission-base system, selected league officials are able to view the data as a whole in their search for injury insights and trends at a league-wide level. Similar capabilities are available for Olympic organizations, which include multi-sport and multi-team injury aggregation.

League wide roster movements

Unlock powerful insights by logging and aggregating medical and injury-related data at a league or organization-wide level. Our Athlete Management System offers advanced injury surveillance capabilities through the Kinduct Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and league-wide platform architecture, which helps to identify overarching injury trends.

“Partnering with Kinduct has allowed all teams to consolidate players with treatment protocols, strength and conditioning practices, and, at the league level, to monitor health and wellness of the sport in a consistent way.”


– Colin Keane, Director of Operations, Major League Lacrosse

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