Track hours in game, sleep, and reaction time

Kinduct provides eSport teams and athletes with the ability to consolidate various data sets, such as in-game stats, screen time, sleep quality, and caffeine consumption. This data can often be siloed or disconnected, but our Athlete Management System solves that problem. With Kinduct, you have the flexibility to ingest your data through API, CSV, or custom wellness surveys completed by your athletes.

Monitor your team with alerts and key metrics

Kinduct’s Player View allows you to pick and choose what key metrics are tracked. This feature can be further customized for both athlete and coach, enabling each party to view their most-relevant data via desktop, tablet, and mobile. Additional components of an athlete’s profile are basic reporting, alerts (i.e. too much screen time), and triggers (i.e. risk of eye fatigue).

Measure your performance over the entire season

Understand your athletes like never before with Kinduct’s Dynamic Reporting Tool. By measuring thousands of data points in a single report, you can analyze the impact that metrics such as travel and average screen time has on your athletes over an entire season. This allows you to identify best practices, uncover outliers, and evaluate up-coming talent.

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