On-site athlete and combine testing

Optimize your testing procedures with the help of Kinduct’s team of Human Performance and Technology Professionals. Our highly trained staff, armed with industry-leading technology, are available for on-site testing and data collection.


Cutting-edge technology brought to you

Benefit from our growing list of integrated technologies, which streamline the athlete testing experience. These technologies can also be paired with Kinduct’s Athlete Management System, unlocking additional in-depth reporting features and tailored training programs.

Cutting-edge technology brought to you

Customized testing protocols

Choose from one of our expertly designed testing packages, each catered to sport-specific needs. The ability to customize measurements, drills, and technology ensures you receive what you’re looking for when it comes to athlete testing.

Customized testing protocols

Digital and printable report cards

Leverage our unique reporting tools to translate any number of data sets into easy-to-read reports, player comparisons, and leaderboards. Player report cards give athletes a chance to see how they’ve performed, and how they stack up against their competition.


Canadian Premier League #GotGame Open Trials

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