Embedded analytics features

Dig deeper into your data with our embedded analytics features such as the Load Scenario Tool (pictured right), a feature that aggregates and processes data from multiple sources. The Kinduct Athlete Management System provides many tools which will enable your data science team to build reports and make them available to your training and medical staff.

Explore your data

Allow your data science team to interact with Kinduct’s database using a variety of analytical tools, such as pushing and pulling findings automatically through our API. We also improve your data collection workflow by allowing you to share those findings with the training and medical staff. The Kinduct API makes this possible.

Experienced team of data scientists

Engage with Kinduct’s experienced data science team to develop advanced metrics and data processing techniques. When working with our team, you will discover hidden relationships and useful patterns in the wealth of data that is collected and organized within our platform.

Human Battery Life™

Have you ever wondered how your athlete is spending energy and how well they are recovering during competition? Kinduct has developed a Human Battery Life™ to help you with those questions. The Human Battery Life™ tracks in-game energy used and recovery compared to an athlete’s personal norm to give you an accurate picture of your athlete’s recovery.

Interested in our data visualization capabilities?

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