Key Factors To Consider When Buying an AMS

Thanks to advancements in the science of human performance, coaches, trainers and sports
scientists have never had so many ways to monitor athletes’ health and fitness.

Although most monitoring and tracking devices, applications and platforms can provide potentially
useful information, it is not always easy to make that data meaningful and actionable. As a result,
a growing number of teams, leagues and organizations have opted for an Athlete Management
System (AMS) to organize, analyze and visualize all their data within a single, integrated platform.
An AMS acts as a centralized data hub where all your athlete information is consolidated and
accessible in one place.

In this white paper, you will find out what the right AMS can do for you and how to choose the
system that will be the best fit for your organization, now and in the future. You will also learn best
practices to increase the chances that your AMS implementation will be successful. Read More …

Using Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage

The world of sport has always been a numbers game. In the past, coaches and trainers tracked everything manually, filling journals with the number of sit-ups a player did in a workout and how many touches he had on the ball during a game. Read More …