How Kinduct and Hawkin Dynamics Help the Detroit Red Wings


The Detroit Red Wings use Kinduct’s API integration with Hawkin Dynamics to improve workflow and athletic evaluation. Here’s how.

The Problem

Determining key components of an athlete’s Countermovement Jump (CMJ) profile and baselines, and evaluating against these benchmarks throughout the season to better understand athlete performance and fatigue markers.

The Solution

Using Hawkin Dynamics force plate technology, the Detroit Red Wings are able to test, among others, important markers such as athlete power output, jump height, rate of force development, and asymmetries between left and right legs.

The Kinduct platform pulls Hawkin data through an API automatically and then stores these results securely after the teams bi-weekly jump testing. The data is then displayed via an embedded Tableau Dashboard within the Kinduct platform, allowing for individual, position/group, and entire roster comparisons. Results that fall above or below standard deviations are clearly identified, alerting staff of any significant variance in jump results that may require more attention.

Other Benefits

By having a single dashboard of CMJ baselines and progressions, the team can evaluate and rank new prospects, determine if programming is giving suitable adaptations and improvement, or aid in the return-to-play protocols by comparing data to previous benchmarks. The automated API between Hawkin and Kinduct also allows for a seamless and time-saving process of centralizing key performance data across a variety of sources, assisting in data-driven decisions. Lastly, because athletes have the ability to review this data with their performance staff, this leads to trust and buy-in toward their programming efforts.

The Testimonial

“The ability to pull Hawkin’s force plate data directly into Kinduct through the API integration is a big time saver. The ability to then view this summary information inside Kinduct’s Tableau dashboard has allowed me to visualize and organize reports for management and players in a more efficient and engaging way, leading to more meaningful discussions, more time spent on the floor with the players, and building the next phases of our development plans for prospects in our system. It’s really been helpful," said Rob Campbell, Director of S&C for the Detroit Red Wings.


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