Optimizing Training to Reduce Injury During High Stress Academic Periods
As you are reading this, picture a pre-med student who has a 3-hour chemistry lab, followed by an hour-long physics
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How the acute:chronic workload ratio can help you monitor injury risk
Advancements in tracking technology have made it much easier to monitor athletes’ training loads. But it can still be a
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sports evaluation
Can a single efficiency stat tell the whole story?
When evaluating athletes, it’s commonly understood that more than one metric should be used to build any argument. There often
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Athlete health
Make better decisions with integrated data. Here’s how.
If your job is helping athletes stay healthy and improve their performance, you likely have a lot of data coming
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nutritionist software
Not all graphs tell your story; picking the right visual can make data collection worthwhile
Picking the right kind of chart to make your point is like telling a joke. If you have to explain
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athlete burnout
Player-tracking technologies help teams prevent athlete burnout
For years, coaches have used video analysis to break down a game to see how well their strategy worked and
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