Custom training programming at scale

Create customized training and rehab programs for individual athlete needs, including exercises, rep schemes, and other detailed instructions. Produce personalized, data-driven training templates to optimize performance throughout the season and during the offseason.

Extensive content library

Our Exercise Library offers over 5000 different exercises, accompanied by high-definition videos to ensure your athletes are completing their programs properly. You also have the ability to upload your own training content if you have specialized equipment or have already created your own library.

Automate corrective programs

Use our FMS, SFMA, Y-balance Screens to further assess your athletes. Once data has been collected, you can then automatically generate corrective programs that target your athletes need. This includes customizing program duration and intensity to create truly unique and beneficial experiences for your athletes.

Kinduct mobile app

Whether they are online or offline, send customized training programs to your athletes through the Kinduct Mobile App. Athletes can access assigned programs using either iOS or Android devices, view instructional videos, and submit their duration and RPE when finalizing their workout.

“Monitoring injuries with Kinduct allows everything to be in one spot. So no matter if it’s myself, another practitioner, or any of our sports science staff, everyone can look into the same data and see what treatment’s been done and when.”


– Harley Thwaites, Head of Athletic Therapy, Cavalry FC

CASE STUDY: Kinduct's EMR Capabilities

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