Player profile, for athletes and coaches

Player View can be customized for both athlete and coach, allowing each party to view their most-relevant data. Determine what KPI’s your athletes and coaches would like to track, and set the profile defaults for what they will see upon login. Additional features of an athlete’s profile are basic reporting as well as alerts and triggers.

Player profile, for athletes and coaches

Kinduct Mobile App 

The Kinduct Human Performance App empowers athletes to select and track metrics (including Apple Health data) that matter to them and/or their coaches. Data is visualized through in-app dashboards and comes complete with colorized trends and thresholds. Selected metrics are also reviewable in daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes.

Kinduct Athlete App – My Data

Customized player view

Additionally, athletes can access a Kinduct webpage and review more detailed individual reports that have been created by their coaches. These reports offer an opportunity to communicate an athlete’s health and performance in more detail, as reports can include aggregated data across multiple sources.

Customized player view

“Kinduct has been a game-changer in increasing the productivity of our workflow for data management. The ability to access the platform seamlessly from any device has allowed our performance staff to make more informed decisions when it comes to the well-being of our athletes.”

–  Matt Marshall, Director of Performance, University of Maine

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A Guide to Remote Athlete Monitoring