Easy-to-use, customizable reporting

Visualize data collected from multiple sources through a variety of pre-built reports as well as Kinduct’s custom reporting tool. Our Report Builder is easy to use, and allows you to create impactful reports in minutes. Both player- and team- level reports are available, with many exporting and printing options.

Enhanced reporting via Tableau

Tableau is an industry leader in data visualization, and offers a warehouse of tools to build almost any type of dashboard. With this technology integrated directly into our platform, you can take your reporting to the next level. Consult with our in-house Tableau experts to create powerful dashboards and identify opportunities for improvement and potential risk of injury.

Measure compliance and governance

Athlete compliance is a crucial — yet often difficult — aspect of training and medical staff’s responsibility. Kinduct’s Compliance Dashboard is proven to improve compliance numbers that, with the help of custom time ranges, track up to six key metrics to determine athlete compliance. Available on any device, this dashboard will ensure you have all the key data points you need to make decisions in the field.

Injury + performance reporting

Uncover trends by integrating both injury and performance data into a single graph. By combining these data sets, trainers and medical staff can further improve their understanding of how performance and injury are related, as well as how performance increases throughout the rehab process. Additionally, with our custom, permission-based hierarchy, only staff who need to see injury data will have access to it.

“The ability to view Hawkin Dynamics data inside Kinduct’s Tableau dashboard has allowed me to visualize and organize reports for management and players in a more efficient and engaging way, leading to more meaningful discussions, more time spent on the floor with the players, and building the next phases of our development plans for prospects in our system.”


– Rob Campbell, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Detroit Red Wings

Enjoy our catalogue of ready-to-use reports