Success rarely comes from a quick fix. It takes a carefully crafted strategy based on solid data and real insight.

The Kinduct Athlete Management System offers both. It’s a robust data management platform enriched with data science capabilities to help you move beyond the numbers to make new discoveries and better analytics-driven decisions.

Transform your data into insight.

Here are four ways to use data science in the Kinduct platform to transform your data into insight:

  • Dig deeper into your data with our embedded analytics features
  • Give your data science team the analytical tools to uncover their own insights
  • Tap into the power of leading analytical engines for complex computing
  • Engage with Kinduct’s in-house team of experts in generating repeatable insights through the platform

Data science features and functionality in the Kinduct platform

Built-in analytics features.

Go deeper with our embedded analytics features and functionality that can help you interact with your data in richer, more meaningful ways. Calculation Builder makes it easy to automatically create valuable metrics like acute:chronic ratio. Meaningful sport-calibrated metrics like abnormal predicted load and injury recovery duration are being constantly tuned and added to the platform by the Kinduct in-house data science team. Intuitive simulation interfaces will let decision makers evaluate multiple scenarios supported by advanced machine learning algorithms.

Efficient data science tool integration.

Empower your data science experts to discover their own insights. Our flexible platform makes it easy for them to quickly get data from Kinduct into their favorite modeling software to calculate specific metrics. The derived insights can then be leveraged back within the Kinduct system and shown visually in association with the familiar Kinduct reporting and discovery environment.

Powerful analytical engine integration.

Access the computing capabilities of some of the industry’s top analytical tools. The Kinduct platform provides seamless integration with several advanced analytics software applications, making it easy to use these powerful tools to discover hidden relationships and useful patterns in the wealth of data that is collected and organized in Kinduct. Everything is done through the platform and can be easily shared using our built-in reporting and visualization tools.

Engage with Kinduct’s Experts.

Kinduct’s skilled data sciences team is available to develop advanced metrics to ensure clients get the most out of the platform. This paid service allows for repeatable and automated access to unique insights built off of a client’s aggregated data, leveraging advanced machine learning techniques and comes with a commitment to accuracy validation and tuning.

“Data science helps us give teams an easier path to insights.”

Tim Trussell
Director of Data Science


Data science enriches the Kinduct platform and adds more value to your data.