The Screening Questionnaire

Create a standardized questionnaire in your Kinduct platform that tracks symptoms and potential at-risk athletes and staff. Questionnaires are sent to each individual’s mobile device and can be completely customized to meet your organizational or league needs. The questionnaire can also be scheduled for certain times of day, helping to ensure completion before arrival at your team’s facilities.

The screening questionnaire

The Alert

Any data points that breach a designated threshold (e.g. documented temperature greater than 38° C or 100.4° F) will automatically alert the designated platform admin/user. This built-in feature notifies the right people at the right time if an intervention is required to limit potential exposure and keep your staff and athletes safe.

The alert

The Report

Submitted questionnaires automatically populate a COVID-specific report in your Kinduct platform. The report can be viewed at both a team-wide and individual level, allowing you to track compliance and analyze at-risk symptoms at a deeper level. Within the platform, reports can be shared easily amongst appropriate staff members in a secure manner, as Kinduct is Privacy by Design certified and HIPAA compliant.

The report

“Overall, I feel because the Kinduct team worked hard to build a platform that was tailored to my individual needs, nothing has changed. I have been able to monitor and collect information as I normally would. While people have been trying to sort out how they will do this during the COVID-19 shutdown, I was prepared because of Kinduct.”

– Mark Packwood, Head Trainer and Physiotherapist as well as the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL


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