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Kinduct’s highly-secure, cloud-based Athlete Management System provides you with the tools and data to drive improvement and produce results.


Combine large volumes of historical and current data sets from any source.


Analyze and visualize your data in near real-time with our aggregation and reporting tools.


Drive progress and improvement through customized training programs and communication.


Data Management Tools
  • Data Imports/Exports
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Metrics Management
  • Data Security/Permissions
Data Analytics Tools
  • Dynamic Reporting & Visualizations
  • Custom Aggregation & Calculations
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Pre-built Report Templates
Administration Tools
  • Organizational Structure
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Custom Profiles/Dashboards
  • Security Settings
Communication Tools
  • Calendars/Scheduling
  • Messaging Tools
  • Event/Task Management
  • Resources Libraries
Athlete Monitoring
  • Monitoring Form Templates
  • Scoring & Ranking Systems
  • Flags, Notifications & Notes
  • Journals & Surveys
Strength & Conditioning
  • Training Program Builder
  • Strength Cards, Logs, Load Calculations
  • Fitness Testing, Screens, Assessments
  • Supplement Tracking
Injury & Rehabilitation
  • Rehab Protocol Builder
  • FMS, SFMA, Y-balance Screens
  • Custom Assessment Tools
  • Injury Tracking & SOAP Notes
  • Thousands of Expert-Driven Exercise Videos
  • 500+ 3D Injury & Rehab Animations
  • Content Template Builder
  • Content Upload & Management

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