Kinduct announced Tuesday that the Minnesota Twins has signed on to their growing list of sports clients. The baseball club has adopted Kinduct’s suite of athlete health, wellness and human performance software solutions across their organization, including their minor league affiliates.

“We are excited to work with the Twins because they have a deep and strong commitment to winning,” said Kinduct founder and CEO Travis McDonough. “They are two-time World Series champions and know what it takes to be champions. They have embraced cutting-edge technology as a vehicle to win more games and to prevent injuries across their roster.”

Kinduct Technologies works with health, sports, and human performance organizations. Health care institutions, sports teams, military and public service units, private clinics and personal fitness companies use Kinduct to transform their data into information that helps produce better results.

“In the last three years we have experienced exponential growth,” said McDonough. “Our workforce has grown from eight to 40 people and revenue from our flagship athlete management system has grown over 800 per cent. We signed our first pro sport client just under two years ago and today we are proud to say we have over 50 sports organizations using our technology.”

The company’s client list now includes the Golden State Warriors, New York Rangers, the Toronto Blue Jays among others. Kinduct also works with the Canadian Forces and a collection of universities, healthcare organizations, and national sporting associations.

“The Twins are a significant client for us as we continue to grow in the professional sports and human performance space,” said McDonough. “Every time we gain a new big-name client, we further prove that we are quickly establishing a reputation as the world’s leading human performance software.”

The year ahead also looks promising as the company enters negotiations with a Fortune 100 firm and seek further investment, he said.