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Vancouver Canucks Choose Kinduct

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- May 29, 2018

Kinduct scores again in the NHL (National Hockey League) as they welcome the Vancouver Canucks to their fast-growing list of elite hockey clients. The adoption of athlete monitoring and data consolidation technology in the hockey market is quickly becoming more prevalent as teams seek to fine-tune athlete performance. Kinduct currently supports almost half of the organizations across the NHL.

Kinduct’s leading Athlete Management System (AMS) provides organizations with a highly versatile tool to gather meaningful insights and a deeper look into the wellness and performance of their athletes. In recent months Kinduct’s AMS has seen a number of improvements to key features such as athlete readiness, data science, third-party integrations as well as athlete dashboards. Kinduct places strong importance on continually evolving their technology through research and development to meet the future needs of athletes and coaches in the sport performance industry.

“We look forward to having all of our off season programs, wearable data and wellness questionnaire results in one place to easily aggregate, predict and report from,” said Bryan Marshall, Director, Applied Sports Science for the Vancouver Canucks. “The benefits of Kinduct to our organization are substantial — from saving us time and keeping us all on the same page, to visualizing our performance data and creating more informed decisions for the athletes.”

“We are committed to providing a platform that will meet the needs of the Canucks’ organization, — both now and into the future” said Phil Anderson, Senior Account Manager at Kinduct. “I am eager to see their team’s performance in the 2018/19 season and beyond.”

About Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Canucks joined the league in 1970, and have advanced to the Stanley Cup finals three times. In their NHL history, they have won the Presidents’ Trophy, won three division titles as a member of the Smythe Division, and seven titles as a member of the Northwest Division.

About Kinduct

Kinduct Technologies is a data aggregation and analytics and a recommendation engine, specific to the health, the wellness but predominantly the human performance markets with a keen interest in improving outcomes. Kinduct’s Athlete Management System (AMS) is integrated with some of the best companies in the wearables, assessment and data collection sector. Kinduct is the software provider of choice for a wide range of sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA and other professional or elite leagues.


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