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Total Package Hockey (TPH) Signs Three-Year Deal With Kinduct to Create Better Student Experience

Halifax, Nova Scotia
- September 1, 2020
Total Package Hockey (TPH) Signs Three-Year Deal With Kinduct to Create Better Student Experience
World-leading software platform will use data enhance academic and athletic performance

Total Package Hockey (TPH) has announced a three year agreement with Kinduct, a world-leader in athlete management software. Kinduct serves over 550 teams and organizations across the globe, including just over a third of the National Hockey League, Hockey Canada, multiple NCAA Division-I programs and many more.

Backed by companies like Intel and the San Francisco 49ers, Kinduct was founded in 2010 and spent its early years in the healthcare industry, focused on educating and engaging patients through patient-centric 3D medical animations and rehab programming. But what coincided with Kinduct’s formation was a tsunami of data — and not just in the medical world. These trends were also found in human performance and elite sport environments, but the data was largely isolated and inaccessible. With the goal of identifying increased risk of injury and optimizing performance still standing as its pillars, the company shifted its focus toward data consolidation and organically grew into what it is now: a world-leading Athlete Management System.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Nathan, Francis, Jordan, and the rest of the team at TPH,” said Matt English, Kinduct Account Executive. “They have continually found ways to innovate the student-athlete experience by combining academic, wellness, and performance data to gain a more holistic view of each individual. We look forward to building upon this philosophy and helping to create targeted strategies that help players reach their potential through analytics.”

As a data-driven world continues to evolve, TPH will collect data from on and off ice activities and utilize Kinduct to track multiple areas of focus to help improve student-athlete performance.

“We want to use data to drive performance and drive coaching decisions,” said Nathan Bowen, CEO of Total Package Hockey. “Ultimately, we want to create the best student experience possible and improve and increase the development of our athletes.”

The goal in partnering with Kinduct is to enhance the experience for student-athletes by providing them, their coaches and their parents with data that will help in more than just decision-making for on-ice performance. The data will also help identify red flags in a player’s wellness so coaches are alerted to potential injuries or other health concerns. Kinduct will also provide data-supported rehab programs to aid student-athletes and coaches.

“On a daily basis, it will allow us to individualize the student experience,” said Bowen. “It will serve as a platform to deliver workouts, skill development, off ice training and rehab programs.”

To say that the platform is “smart” is an understatement. Kinduct will be able to integrate academic data into the platform and provide data that coincides with all aspects of the student-athlete’s experience at TPH. Staff, students and families will be able to log in to see all of the information that’s relevant to them in the Kinduct platform, truly customizing the experience for each player in the program.

About Kinduct

Kinduct’s Athlete Management System (AMS) is used by over 500 teams, leagues, organizations, performance centres, military and healthcare organizations around the world. Kinduct have supported multiple world champions across the MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and NCAA as well as organizations that train the tactical athlete and those empowering the patient. Through our secure, cloud-based AMS, Kinduct consolidates a wide array of performance and injury data, improving workflow and optimizing performance for thousands of coaches, trainers, and athletes. Kinduct is also integrated with many world-leading wearables, assessment and data collection technologies, turning rich data into powerful insights. Visit for more information.

About Total Package Hockey

Founded in 2001, it is TPH’s vision to become the world leader in positively impacting the lives of student-athletes through the game of hockey. Through academics, mentorship and athletics, TPH prides itself on operating at a standard that exceeds expectations of student-athletes, families, coaches, advisors and all other entities of the hockey world. With platforms that include association management, elite prospects programs, tournaments and showcases, camps and clinics and its hallmark Center of Excellence academy model, Total Package Hockey has assisted in the academic, athletic and hockey development of over 800 players who have advanced to junior, collegiate and professional hockey. While it is our responsibility to prepare each individual for success on the ice, it is our mission to prepare each and every individual for success in the ultimate game — the game of life!




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