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LA Dodgers Go From Accelerator To Client With Kinduct Technologies

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- August 11, 2016
LA Dodgers Go From Accelerator To Client With Kinduct Technologies

After a successful run in the Dodgers and RGA Accelerator program, sports tech company Kinduct Technologies has now signed the LA Dodgers as a client.

Kinduct is a company that supplies teams with management technology that collects information regarding their athletes. The data includes results from strength, conditioning and rehab sessions, biomechanical assessments, fitness tests, statistics feeds, and much more, which is all available through one centralized program.


“After working closely with the Kinduct team in our Accelerator program, we are extremely impressed with their platform and excited about the opportunity for us to streamline our operations using it. The Kinduct system adds a layer of science and objectivity by adding greater visibility into the health and performance of our athletes as we continue to strive for success on the field,” said LA Dodgers Chief Financial Officer Tucker Kain.

With the Dodgers currently (as of August 10th) being only one game out of first in the NL West division, they are on the hunt for ways that can help their team better themselves in whatever way possible. As the season starts winding down, those little improvements can be what help them snag a spot in the post-season.

“The Dodgers are a world class organization at every level and we are very happy that they have chosen Kinduct to help keep their athletes healthy and performing at their best. We have been working extremely hard to create and continue to innovate a technology that provides real value to our clients. Our recent growth in professional sports, in particular, has been very strong and this is largely attributable to our commitment to continuous innovation,” said Kinduct CEO Travis McDonough.

Kinduct Technologies is partnered with numerous other teams in the MLB, NHL and NBA, as well as high school sport.

It’s a great moment when you are able to see a startup company build its way from an accelerator program to being able to sign the team that gave them the opportunity to expand their brand.