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Florida Panthers partner with Kinduct to gain a competitive advantage through player performance data and analytics

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- February 16, 2017

Florida Panthers partner with Kinduct to gain a competitive advantage through player performance data and analytics

Kinduct Technologies is pleased to announce it has added the Florida Panthers to its growing list of NHL clients. This new partnership will provide the Panthers with advanced intelligence and insights into player performance on and off the ice.

Kinduct’s Athlete Management System (AMS) will be used by the Panthers coaching and training staff to collect, analyze and act upon a wide range of player performance data and content. The information captured and calculated within the Kinduct platform will help inform decisions on the development and monitoring of personalized training and recovery programs for each one of their players.

“We are looking forward to working with Kinduct to uncover valuable insights to help optimize player performance,” said Panthers Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tommy Powers. “We believe the keys to winning lie in knowledge and preparation. Kinduct is a tool that’s going to provide our organization with the data and content we need to prepare our players to win.”

“We are excited to be working with the Florida Panthers to help them derive more value from the player performance data they are collecting throughout the year,” said Kinduct CEO, Travis McDonough. “Consistent access to meaningful data and content will help the Panthers drive constant improvement and gain a competitive advantage over teams who have yet to embrace performance data and analytics.”

About Kinduct

Kinduct is a leading data and analytics software provider. Kinduct’s highly secure, cloud-based platform allows sport and human performance organizations to spend less time managing their data and more time using it to gain a competitive advantage. Kinduct’s Athlete Management System (AMS) is integrated with the best and brightest companies in the wearables, assessment and data collection sector. Kinduct is the software provider of choice for a wide range of sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA and other professional or elite leagues. Kinduct’s investors include Intel Capital, CFFI Ventures Inc. and Elysian Park Ventures.

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