Behind the Screen: Kavita Bhalerao

Behind the Screen: Kavita Bhalerao

“Behind the Screen” is a spotlight series that introduces the people of Kinduct. This instalment features Kavita Bhalerao.

How long have you been with Kinduct and what’s your role?

I joined Kinduct in June, 2020 as a UX/UI team lead.

How has your time with the company been so far?

I chose Kinduct, as sports is a completely new domain for me so there is a lot of opportunity to learn. I’m enjoying my work and I love our office location, especially the ocean view.

Can you touch on your prior experience whether it’s education or work experience that made you such a great fit here.

I started my career as a graphic designer in an e-learning company from 2002. Then I moved into user experience in a product based company from 2010. In 2015, I got an intra company transfer to California to work at our headquarters for three years. I moved to Canada in 2018 and worked in the healthcare domain for more than a year. I think my experience working in different domains and attitude to keep learning and accepting new challenges has helped me to get to where I am. I think that makes me a great fit for this position at Kinduct.

What made you originally interested in design? What’s the funnest part of it for you?

I have been interested in design since childhood, and I use to draw and paint all the time. It feels great when people use the product you have designed. I love to be in the position when I can talk to people and listen to their pain points so that I can help improve their life by building a great product or application. Everyday brings in new learning experiences. Brainstorming ideas with fellow designers and it is interesting how people bring in different perspectives in design.

You’ve led the charge on redesigning our Athlete App. Can you give readers who may not be as familiar with that process some insights into what goes into building an app like this?

Having empathy for your users is so important in the design process. I did the same and started collecting information about who our users are, how does this app help them, what are their pain points, etc. This helped me to start building my recommendations around what needs to be improved.

Design is an iterative process and user testing is a critical part of the design process. We wanted to make this application accessibility compliant. I spoke with fully blind users from Canadian Blind Sports association. This type of research feedback helps a lot to identify the real issues users are facing. I did the same and worked with the development team to resolve those issues. I think there is still a lot of work to be done in this app.

As you’ve shaped the app, what do you really like about it? What makes Kinduct’s app different?

I like that we are keeping it simple and very task focused. During user testing I asked users about their expectations before installing this app and many of them said they were initially reluctant to install this app but after installing and using it everyone said it is easy to use and works as expected. I think simplicity and task focused makes the Athlete App different from the rest of the apps in the market.

Can you touch on how you’ve made it a focus to make our app as accessible as possible? Why do you believe that’s important?

I really like that we are making this app accessibility compliant. Designing for all types of users is the most ethical thing to do for any company. This makes Kinduct standout in the market and will help us attract new customers.

What do you believe users of our app will enjoy most?

I think for our users the most important task is to complete their assigned workout and be aware about their upcoming schedule. We allow them to do that in the simplest way. Also, in future if we allow athletes to interact with their coach would be great.

After this initial project is complete, what do you look forward to working on next?

I have started working on another app for our clients. It is exciting to work on this app from the beginning and I am looking forward to seeing it get built.

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