Club América: 10 teams, 400+ athletes

Club América is one of Mexico’s most storied football clubs. Since their inauguration in 1916, they are one of only two teams to have never been relegated to the nation’s second division. During that span they have won thirteen league titles, as well as six Copa México titles, and six Campeón de Campeones Cups — all records. Club América also boasts a professional women’s team as well as reserve and academy level clubs.

Currently, the organization trains and cares for 10 clubs (mens, womens, and academy level) and 400+ athletes. Because of this, Club América’s medical and performance staffs are gathering massive amounts of data from a number of sources, including their own proprietary sources as well as integrated technology.

In this case study, we dive into the role Kinduct’s Athlete Management System and support staff has played in scaling a platform to the needs of Club América in order to host thousands of data points (both new and historic) from hundreds of athletes.

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Club América case study