How the acute:chronic workload ratio can help you monitor injury risk

Advancements in tracking technology have made it much easier to monitor athletes’ training loads. But it can still be a challenge to turn that data into the practical insight you need to determine the right workload balance for your athletes. Your experience and intuition likely guide many of those decisions. But if you’re interested in taking a more systematic approach, Read More …

Can a single efficiency stat tell the whole story?

When evaluating athletes, it’s commonly understood that more than one metric should be used to build any argument. There often isn’t a single answer to define whether one player is better than another or whether an athlete is playing well. However, in some circumstances, the simplicity of having one number to encapsulate the total value of a player can be Read More …

Make better decisions with integrated data. Here’s how.

If your job is helping athletes stay healthy and improve their performance, you likely have a lot of data coming at you. You might even feel you have too much. Some teams have data from as many as 10 different wearable devices, on top of all the information coming from other tracking processes and monitoring forms. Each source may deliver Read More …


5 Tips to Move Beyond the Hype and Start Winning with Data

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