Behind the Screen: Ricardo Duarte

Behind the Screen: Ricardo Duarte

“Behind the Screen” is a spotlight series that introduces the people of Kinduct. This instalment features Ricardo Duarte.

What’s your role at Kinduct and how long have you been with the company?

I’ve been working for Kinduct since January 27th, 2020 as an iOS developer.

How long have you been in Canada? Where did you grow up?

I came to Canada from a city called Maceio, Brazil on February 20th 2016. I chose Canada to study but, when I got here, I fell in love with Canada because of its weather (believe it or not) and the people.

What did you study in school?

I studied Web and Mobile App Development in Vancouver.

How did that prepare you for a job at Kinduct?

I learned the basics in school and got some experience in my past jobs. I think better than just having talent you have to work hard if you have a dream. Also, I always set goals for myself and work really hard to achieve them.

How have you enjoyed Halifax so far?

I’m loving Halifax. It’s a cozy place with lots of parks and sights to be explored. My family and I have visited some places like Rainbow Haven Beach and Long Lake Provincial Park. Also, I love the city’s waterfront.

What are your favourite sports to watch and/or play?

I’m a motor racing fan (I love speed) and have learned to love hockey. I chose the Calgary Flames to cheer for. Go flames go! Also, as a good Brazilian, I’m into soccer as well.

Back in Brazil, I used to participate in Airsoft events from 2006 – 2015. Events took place in the jungle, where we were running around in 40 degree-heat, carrying 70 pounds of equipment with almost no water, sometimes for two days, depending on the event. We also used to have  combats with the other teams which was very draining and intense. I haven’t done it since moving to Canada, but I really miss that feeling.

Who’s your biggest role model?

My mom. She’s an example of a strong woman and a great human being.

Where’s the first place you would travel to if you won the lottery?

I would visit my family first then I would do a road trip in Europe.