Behind the Screen: Meet Amber Wilson

Behind the Screen: Meet Amber Wilson

Amber Wilson, Kinduct Athlete Management System

What do you do at Kinduct and how long have you been with the company?

I started as a contractor but, if you add it all up, I’ve been with Kinduct for about seven years. First as a Developer and now as a Technical Lead, which means I support and oversee a lot of the workflow on the technology side of things.

For the majority of that time, you worked remotely, but have recently made the move to Halifax and now work in the office. Where did you move from? 

We lived about 25 minutes outside of Moncton, New Brunswick, in a place called Salisbury. We had over eight acres of land that were partially treed, with a brook running along one edge. The property also had a horse barn but the most we had in it was some laying hens haha.

What’s your background in? 

I tried a few different things. I started out in commerce, but the only course I really enjoyed was an Introduction to Computer Programming that I took as an elective. Then I said, ‘Ok, I’m going to get my Bachelor of Arts and become a teacher.’ But that wasn’t for me either. I’m a very practical person; I’ve always liked math class because it’s like, ‘There’s the answer. I’m done and can do something else now.’ Writing essays was never my thing. Finally, I went to a community college and took a Computer Engineering program.

Why do you think computers clicked for you? 

It kind of runs in my family a bit. On my grandmother’s side, she’s related to someone who helped invent the microchip. My uncle has his Masters in Computer Science, my aunt is a Business Analyst. I’ve always liked them. I was the annoying kid that went to people’s houses and bugged them to play on their computers. 

What do you like best about your job?

It’s cool because, before Kinduct, I didn’t know anything about medical scanners, for example. But I’ve now helped make an app for them. Which is also why I love being a developer: You don’t have to have a special interest in what you’re working on going into it, but then you learn about the specifics of that industry or technology and start to appreciate it. 

What I also like about Kinduct is the culture. It’s nice to come into the office and work on something that everyone has a shared spirit of doing it to the best of our abilities. 

If you weren’t a developer and working for Kinduct, what would you be doing?

Honestly, I’m lucky that I fell into this career because I love it. People ask where I see myself in five years, and I say, “Doing this job.”