with a focus on trust, respect, and collaboration

At Kinduct, we take a team first approach toward everything we do, and our mantra of “the sum of the whole is greater than its parts” is something we ask all employees to live by. As a group, Kinductees are expected to listen thoughtfully, communicate clearly, and never give up trying. These are just a few of the ways we try to emphasize teamwork. We are hardworking for sure, however we certainly know how to let our hair down as well; Mooseheads’ games, axe-throwing outings, and daily banter — we cultivate a fun and welcoming environment too.


in service, product, workmanship, and communication

Delivering quality products isn’t possible without employing quality people. And what quality means to us is that we respect and trust each other, communicate transparently, value hard work, and are always trying to improve. We strongly believe that success stems from having happy employees, and are invested in ensuring that our employees look forward to coming to work in the mornings. 


to organization, client satisfaction, growth, and market leadership

Kinduct is committed to building a healthy, productive, and accepting team that has a positive impact on the community and the world at large. To complete this message, we empower our employees to make themselves and the people around them better. We encourage our people to grow both professionally and personally, and provide reimbursements for both physical and mental health and wellness initiatives. For new employees, their onboarding experience includes building a plan for your future success and delivering competitive compensation packages.


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