Kinduct is a world leading data and analytics software provider. Kinduct’s highly secure, cloud-based platform allows human performance, health and wellness organizations to spend less time managing their data and more time using it to inform decisions, promote constant improvement and produce exceptional results. Kinduct is the software provider of choice for many world-leading professional and elite sport organizations, military and public safety units, physical medicine clinics, and health and wellness institutions.

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Who We Work With


Kinduct is committed to working with the world’s most innovative human performance, health and wellness data, content and application providers, ensuring you are connected to the best and brightest in the industry. Here are some of the companies and products we collaborate with to help you get the most out of your data.

Meet the Team

The Faces Behind The Data

Vanna Menzies

Internal Operations Assistant

Spiro Bokolas

VP, Technology

Sean Smith

Project Manager

Sahra MacNeill

HR Coordinator

Dave Anderson

Co-Founder and VP, Product

Chris Bower

Creative Director

Kevin Rimmer

Co-Founder and VP, Strategy

Nick Ross

Senior Applications Developer

Edward Taylor


Miranda McMillan


Suman Kumar

Big Data Architect

Michelle Forrest

Director, Development Operations

Rob Moore

Senior Software Developer

Matt Warburton

Client Success Manager

Matt Richard

Data Scientist

Christine Hanhams


Justin Jackson

Business Development & 3D Animations

Matt English

Client Success Associate

Phil Anderson

Sales Manager

Kevin Forbes

Senior Product Specialist

Kaitlin Webb

Sales Admin Coordinator

Justin Mayhew

Software Developer

Jodie Palmer

Head of Internal Operations

Jennifer Gibson

Business Analyst

Jeff Cummings

Software Developer

Jason Barnett

Network Administrator

Hayden Landry

Head of Sales

Gord Cooper

SVP, Operations

Geoffrey Smith

Client Success Manager

Frank McKinnon

VP, Client Success

Devon Ripley

Client Support Specialist

Crystal Lace-Frizzell

Accounting Coordinator

Cohen MacDonald

Client Success Associate

Chris Moulins

Software Developer

Bryan Wiens

Product Manager

Brent Moses

Software Developer

Blair Anderson

Software Developer

Antoinette Schatz

Executive Assistant

Andrew Redden

Data Infrastructure Lead

Andrew Milne

Director, Information Security

Ali Oxner

Client Success Manager

Allan Hennigar

Senior Health Product Specialist & CSM

Abhinav Bhatnagar

Lead Quality Assurance Analyst

Adem Hamidovic

Lead Software Developer

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Edgar Acosta, Technical Architect

Imad Mroue, Senior Software Developer

David Patte, Senior Software Developer

Bobby O'Keefe, Project Manager

Arun Chandran, Quality Assurance Manager

Donnie Martin, Client Success Manager

Jason Hopkins, Business Analyst

Mike Muir, Systems Administrator

Tim Trussell, Director, Data Science

Braelin Rowe, Client Success Associate

Chris Meisner, Technical Architect

Zaw Oo, Senior Software Developer

Amber Wilson, Lead Software Developer

Mike Buckthought, Senior Web Developer

Jeff Johnson, Sales Manager

Callum Mayer, Client Success Manager

Chad Brown, UI/UX Designer

Gopinath Rk, Jr. Quality Assurance Analyst

Lars Horner, Senior Software Developer

Kate Spurr, Sales Agent

Jill Osborne, Jr Quality Assurance Analyst

Jonathan Lazzarotto, Sr. Sales Manager